miwa To Participate In 83rd NHK National School Music Contest

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miwa To Participate In 83rd NHK National School Music Contest

Post by Sour Puss on Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:22 pm

miwa has been selected to participate in the 83rd anniversary of the prestigious NHK National School Music Contest.
The singer will be providing the junior high school song for the 2016 music competition. Details about this song will be released at a later date.
While in junior high school, miwa participated in the music competition. The singer hopes to create a lasting memory for the students.
"When I listen to the song I sang [for the competition], I'm still moved to tears. It's a very important memory. I want to produce something that will stay in the minds of these junior high school students the same way it did for me," she said.
The theme of the 83rd NHK National School Music Contest is "power". The organization wants instill a sense of power in children to live life happily and with strength, and to create a brighter future.
miwa's participation in the upcoming music competition comes as she begins participating on the NHK documentary series "ON MY WAY". The singer gives students life advice and helps them through the difficulties that they face.

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