God Eater Episodes 10-13 Are 'Coming This Winter'

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God Eater Episodes 10-13 Are 'Coming This Winter'

Post by Sour Puss on Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:34 pm

Episode 9 of the God Eater anime ended on Sunday,09-27  with an announcement that the remaining episodes, episodes 10-13, are "coming this winter." The anime's official website and Twitter account will provide more details as they are made public.
The remaining episodes are:
Episode 10 "Sange" (A Glorious End)
Episode 11 "Meteor Light"
Episode 12 "Dai-Ichi Butai" (First Unit)
Episode 13 "Renge" (Lotus Flower)

The announcement listed the following words next to the episode numbers and titles: "Kako" (Past), "Hatsudō" (Set in Action), "Unknown," and "Mirai" (Future).
Episode 9 was listed as the final episode of the current television run.
The God Eater anime premiered in August, but four "Extra" episode pre-empted regular episodes that were previously scheduled.

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