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Scheduled content

Post by Sour Puss on Fri Nov 13, 2015 4:48 pm

Ive been thinking about the process of adding content for the forum for awhile. I wanted to have one place where not only could you chat about the things you like but also learn new information.

The problem ive found is i keep questioning what i should add,i feel biased when adding certain content. We'll use music as an example.Instead of adding as much as i can,i tend to skip over alot of news because it doesn't click with me and at the same time i question how important it is.

I decided when i see a new release, music,tv,film,Or something really big.or some interesting cultural piece then i will add that.Because that can help people find new media to enjoy.Or learn something new,And then leave the rest for anyone else that wants to add anything in between.

In between that i thought about maybe doing a overview/review on Japanese books and Japanese and korean Tv/Films.Ive seen and own, that way adding something to the forum that would give people the ability to see or hear new things.Which was one of the reasons for starting the forum.

I did my first overview/review on a Japanese book yesterday. Please check it out here

I thought about having a schedule twice a week on a certain day adding that content.
One day for books and another for Tv/Films.
The forum then keeps a steady flow of new content.

Maybe Thursday for books.And Friday for Tv/Films

What do you think?


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