'Tag' ('Riaru Onigokko')

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'Tag' ('Riaru Onigokko')

Post by Sour Puss on Mon Feb 01, 2016 6:05 pm

I found out about this film while watching a video on youtube.

So i went looking for more information,i looked if it was out on DVD or BluRay but realized it was only released Last July in Japan.

Now usually i would of left it at that,but the little bit that i saw at the start really peaked my interest so i went looking for it online.Once found i decided to watch it,being the first film ive watched online for sometime.I was excited to find a new film that looked extremely promising.

But after 10 Minutes the excitement soon faded.

What started out as a supernatural gorefest quickly became nonsense just to be nonsense,original just to be original,making a point just to make a point. Any sense of a story is deeply hidden.Post's online are describing the plot as pro-feminist. There only being females in the cast,and at the end your supposed to understand what the whole film is supposed to be about which for myself was just nonsense, but looking online it's supposed to portray how men or (Japanese men) see females and how females are treated by men in society.

But i just didn't get it, and for myself i don't feel i should have to think my way through nonsense. I used to read philosophy and psychology in the past,but that's not what i enjoy any more,and the main reason to watch a film is to not have to think,but to let go and drift away into another reality.

If you get to the end of a film and have no idea what it was about then i see that as a failure in story telling.Granted films can have many different goals,but i watch them to get lost in a story.I can only give my opinion based on my personal preferences.I prefer a simple story.

Spoiler :

Here's how it goes. Students are on two separate buses on a trip when one bus gets attacked by what seems to be a supernatural force,which by the end of the film you find out it's not.One girl survives and makes her way to a school where her friends greet her but she's confused and doesn't remember them.Killings happen in  a way that leaves you confused,girl escapes then becomes another girl,another actress,but at the same time she's still the same girl. "Confused yet!" Crazy stuff happens again,girl gets away, then repeat, now she's another women involved in a race, she gets chased into a cave.Her appearance changes back to the first girl after meeting Her one friend that's with her all the way through the film,she tells her to rip cables out of her to be free,she does then goes through a door into an alley,she see's lots of men, faints. Wakes up in the cave again,wonders about, sees some old dude playing a game that is basically everything she's been though.

He mentioned something about her being dead but they took her DNA and made some game from it. She kills herself.

And from other peoples opinions online all of that is supposed to represent how men see women in society.

Confused Much?

This film and a few others ive bought reminded me why it's a far better idea to watch most Asian films online.99% Are truly a waste of money. Again my opinion from the dvds ive bought in a year. There's also plenty of films that don't make it to the west.The only downside is if they have been subbed properly.

Here's the link to watch it if you want to take a look yourself. Then come back and tell me what you think.

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