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Post by Sour Puss on Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:00 pm

So ive added a 3 lighter images as the background for the postbody,sceditor(The box you use to write a post&Reply)and on quotes,Spoilers&code. While changing the text to black.And the surrounding background colour  to blue.

I found having the background dark with white text, made it uncomfortable for reading.Leaving image artefacts in my vision for a couple of minutes.

Darker text and lighter backgrounds seem to more standard.
And it does make it easier on the eyes.

The second update ive made is when members logs in and there's new post's. Instead of just the icon changing to let you know there's new post's.Now the whole column will change colour.Which i found it makes it alot easier to notice what's new when your inside a category that has more than 10 Forums.

Ive been unable to make it work inside the Forums to light up new topics,which would be more beneficial when you can 50 Topics in each forum.

I will look into it. Erm

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