1 year old

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1 year old

Post by Sour Puss on Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:54 am

It was the Forums 1st Birthday yesterday. I mistook it for today the 29th.  Beautiful

That's gone by quickly.
Ive changed the forum more times in this one year than many would do in ten years. Damn

Before creating the forum i asked myself is it really worth it? Do people still want to sit on forums any more?  Would it be worth my time?
I had my doubts and all along the way i had this nagging feeling that i was wasting my time,but i pushed it aside, naively and creatively.
It was a fun project to take on and being an artist and someone that used to study web design the creative aspect was appealing.Even though i had many other important things to do i gave up a huge amount of time for the forum.

I didn't turn out like i hoped.I hoped for at least a handful of people using the Forum,but that hasn't been the case. River of tears

Ive been thinking about the direction or purpose of the forum.
Making the Forum to create a place where people that loved the same things could not just discuss things but be constantly updated.Trying to create a forum and news website in one.I got tired of having to see loud mouths in the comments on every article i came across with no moderation,in fact most sites seemed to enjoy this because those pages kept getting hits.I thought it would be good to combine both things together.
I think now that this was a mistake,not only do people seem to prefer those sites,but the amount of work it takes to constantly add content is outstanding,and then realizing that quality over content is better it created the question of what's good enough? What should be added and what left out?

The direction i should of taken the forum down instead.Which is helping people explore Asian media more.
Being able to show people Films,tv,music, people that they never knew about and have people do it for each other (including me) and have them get something really good from that was always a reason,but it got lost in the constant news direction i took.It can be pain having to search the internet for something that,"Well something you don't know exists"  having a forum with that info is helpful and then being able to chat to people that love that stuff too is a great thing.

I feel now that this should of been the main focus on the forum,adding quality meaningful content that people could actually get alot out of.And connect more to.

The Forum would of had a more focused goal then.Right now it feels scattered,but maybe that's how it feels when you have three different countries as categories with the potential to have thousands of subject matter. I think what im searching for is a more homely feeling.A more personal feeling.
That's easy to achieve when you have one subject to focus on, or a limited subject.But a limited subject can mean limited content,resulting in limited interest.Not that it would matter considering the state of my forum membership.  We all gona Die

I think the forum needs to be more manageable.Im not really sure how to make it into what i feel it needs to be, i also don't want to have to spend weeks working on it again.But at the same time ive spent so much time on it i don't want to just leave it.

 But something needs to change with the content,i questioned whether i should of just left it as the Japanese forum instead of adding Korean and Chinese.But i have seen alot of good Korean films though, it feels a shame not to be able to share those experiences.But ive been thinking about stripping things down and joining things together instead of having everything separated.

I did feel like calling it quits and just giving up on the forum but maybe it makes sense to make it more smaller and manageable.

I need to have a good think. Don't Know

Anyway here's to the 1st birthday. Graffiti    Let's have a few members by the 2nd yeah! Yaeh am not durnk  

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