Dark souls

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Dark souls

Post by Sour Puss on Sat May 07, 2016 12:38 pm

Never knew about the series until about a month ago.

Just picked up the 1st for £5.
Had a 30 minutes play through,and found it ok. Seem's i will have fun but get annoyed at the same time. I really dislike that there isn't a instant save feature,that annoys me with all games.I understand it can add tension in a game,make you play smarter,think about what your doing and try and improve on your skills.

That's all good,but being forced to play until you've reached a save point,getting killed and having to start from the designated save point not your own and having to play through all the same thing over again is for me a stupid decision to make for a game.

A fun challenge using smart AI and puzzles are what makes a good game.Not making people start from 30 minutes ago loosing what theve collected.

Edit: After Playing the game for a few hours i have found it to be the most infuriating gamer ever created. It's mind boggling stupid how easy it is to get killed and how you have to go back to the save point they give you. Ive done the same part at least 30 times.

Im not sure if this will ever get completed. Dying over and over again isn't the problem,it's where you start again from. I already wrote about playing the witcher 3 and fighter higher level creatures that took me 30-60 minutes to kill.
That was a fun challenge because i could start right at the battle,and every time i died it made me more determined to win.

Dark souls is just pathetic, going through the same thing for 20 minutes just to get back where you were when your died,then doing that 30 times.You can't even pause the game either.

Man im not sure i can finish this nonsense.

Im glad i only paid £5
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