First Volume of Chewing Gum Boyfriends Idol Manga Goes on Sale

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First Volume of Chewing Gum Boyfriends Idol Manga Goes on Sale

Post by Sour Puss on Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:12 pm

Lotte's Gum Kare! (Gum Boyfriend!) project anthropomorphizes its gum brands as studly young men. A manga version of the project called Gum Kare! -Idol Hajimemashita- ("They Became Idols") went on sale on January 23.
As the title indicates, the manga follows the gum boyfriends as they attempt to start careers as the pop idol group chew♡chew SUNSHiNE. The protagonist — a schoolgirl who has somehow turned into a tooth — is their producer. It is drawn by Akino Shiina; samples can be read at Pixiv Comic (Japanese only). Fans who buy the comic at the Animate store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo can partake in a raffle for Lotte gum.

"Today, bite us, bite us, and taste your fill!!"

Oh no! The tooth is late for class!

"And that's how I, an ordinary tooth, and the Gum Boyfriends started on our path towards our idol debut!!"
The Gum Boyfriends previously went on a school trip to Hokkaido with their tooth friend. They have also taken up swords and acted the part of the Shinsengumi, a band of assassins active in the turbulent final years of the Tokugawa shogunate who have quite the fan following among modern women.
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