2nd year

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2nd year

Post by Sour Puss on Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:42 am

February marked the 2nd year of the forum being open.

Nothing changed,no new members,or more activity.

It might sound odd saying this but im kind of glad that it turned out this way,which considering the amount of time ive spent on the forum you wouldn't think that.  

And boy did i spend time on it,ive lost track with how many times i changed the theme,added new features and come up with new ways to make it easier to view and interact.Some times i worked on it like a job.(I wouldn't say the current theme is my favourite,but by that time i had given up on trying and just found something that was the cleanest and simplest)

So why do i feel happy it turned out this way?
For two reasons,the first is time,if the forum had become very active,i would of had to spend everyday on it,which wouldn't of been too much of an issue at the time of creating it but at a later date it would of been,but also the opportunities that could be lost by spending time on the forum all the time.

Have you ever been heading in a certain direction in your life but something comes up,shakes things up and pulls you from that path and your start another? Then later on when you heading in a new direction,you look back and say "It's a good job that thing happened otherwise i wouldn't be on the is path im on now"       

I feel that for the forum.
The second reason ties in with the first regarding time,with less time people are forced to abandon things.If the forum had become popular,i would feel really bad abandoning it if time become short.I would feel that im letting people down.

So im kind of happy it turned out this way,kind of! because it would of been nice to have a few people connecting to the forum for at least a few months at least.Especially after all the effort i put it.

But i had fun playing around creating new stuff.

As ive wrote before,the only reason i built the forum was nostalgia.

Nostalgia from the time i found the Chiaki Kuriyama Fandom Forum back in 2004 and would lurk on there.Not just nostalgia for the forum in general,but how my life was,how the world looked and felt to me.

I had just started to really get into Japanese things.
Watching Japanese films, learning Japanese,finding myself captivated to the point where i just had to know more and see more.
The internet was still new to me,i would browse around coming across websites dedicated to some cute Japanese singer/actress and just feeling captivated by it all,there was this sense of mystery! It was like i had walked through a forest and found myself in a new world,Some mystical fun land.I know that sounds naive,and considering what i know now it was and is.   

That naive outlook i had back then can seem foolish as an adult,but with that naivete came bliss and pure excitement and wonder, something i don't have any more since ive seen the "REAL WORLD"

Every so often i get that feeling of nostalgia which takes me back to those times and i can feel what i felt then which gives me a sense of comfort.A small sense of that naivete that i long for.I wish i could live a ground hog life of those naive times.

The one song that can give me that instant nostalgia is - shizukana hibi no kaidan wo by dragon ash.It play in the credits in battle royale,which also happens to be my nostalgia film.

Ive never been one to hide the fact that i just don't like how modern life has turned out,sure i can see positives,"if feeding our materialist self is positive" I can buy a game on steam and by the end of the day be playing it,rent a film from itunes which is ready to watch in 60 minutes.Buy albums in a few minutes and start listening and then if you want to go down the illegal route you have even more options.Having access to a huge amounts of information is the one positive everyone would agree on.

But with all that,i just feel something is missing,i guess i don't really need to go into it further considering you can just take a look into the world and see.

Anyway time to wrap things up.

As can bee seen i haven't been updating the forum or even logging in for the past few months and i won't be.

I just had one of those nostalgia moments and realized it had been 2 years in February since i made the forum.And decided i would come and write this half nostalgia ramble.

Im leaving the forum as is and won't be updating or interacting with it any more.

          No matter how far, run for all you're worth

        Shuya- Battle Royale


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