Aya reported to be pregnant.

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Aya reported to be pregnant.

Post by Sour Puss on Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:16 am

Actress Ueto Aya (29) is pregnant with her first child.

2 years and 7 months have passed since Ueto married EXILE leader and LDH president and representative director HIRO (45). The actress is in the middle of shooting for TV Asahi drama 'I'm Home' (starts April 16). Sources say that people who know about the pregnancy have been warmly supporting her in strict secrecy. 

According to persons concerned, Ueto had been showing her desire of becoming a mother, telling people around her "I want a baby before I'm 30." As desired, she will become a mother at 30 years old. 

Reports say that Ueto found out about her pregnancy when filming for 'I'm Home' began in mid-March. She's currently 3-months pregnant and will soon be entering her stable period soon. Ueto has a big role in 'I'm Home' as the wife to Kimura Takuya's character. Being pregnant, she has been shooting for the drama with extra caution.

During her teens, Ueto had dreamed of becoming a nurse. As she entered the show biz, that dream did not come true. However, she obtained a license in child care in 2008. She's also known to love children. 

Ueto is expected to officially announce her pregnancy on April 12th. After filming for 'I'm Home' finishes in June, she will go on maternity leave depending on her physical condition.
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